We here at R.D.S want to send you over 1 million dollars within the next few months!! But first, you must be willing to follow a few simple instructions. The rest will happen automatically!

And Yes, it is 100% legal!!

When you enter our unique wealth building program, we will send you our special mailing list of 100 very responsive names and addresses.  These are the names of people who are currently involved in programs very similar to this one, but haven’t seen our program yet. **Plus we believe our program is better and it definitely pays out more money - more than you can believe! This puts our wealth building program in great demand with these people! Many of them are literally jumping at the chance to sign up!

With our sizzling hot new program, and a very responsive mailing list, you should be able to pull in a realistic .5%-1% response rate! What this means to you is this: when you mail out 100 copies of this program on a consistent basis, using quality mailing lists, including the first 100 that we send you, you could expect to receive over 1 million dollars in a short few months!!

Here’s how it works- you can do this!!  It can’t fail- figure it out!

1) For every 500 you mail out at 1%: 5 respond x $50 each, pays you: $250.00

2) Those 5 each mail 500: 25 respond x $50 each, pays you: $1,250.00

3) Those 25 each mail 500: 125 respond x $50 each, pays you: $6,250.00

4) Those 125 each mail 500: 625 respond x $50 each, pays you:


Do this over and over again and again, at a realistic rate of 1%, R.D.S. will be sending you one million dollars in no time!
(the example above shows the potential of this program.  It is not a guarantee of the results)

YES!! That’s right! Your name will proceed through all four levels paying you money orders made out in your name for $50.00 each from each person that enrolls. To participate in our unique wealth program, please click below to join.

Note: our attorney assures us that our program is completely legal through the post office because it involves the sale of our 100 name mailing list and the payment of commissions to others who also sell these lists. No commissions are paid without the sale of these 100 name mailing lists.

As soon as we receive your order with the 5 money orders, we will forward them to each of the four members on the list. This ensures the success of each participant.  The $50 paid to R.D.S. pays for the mailing lists and the monitoring of this program. Your name will be in the 1st position and move through all four positions with our special monitoring process making the program 100% fool proof. This is the perfect work at home program! 

We send you a camera ready copy of this program, with your name added to the members list below in the #1 position. (we will not give your address to anyone.) You will also receive 100 names & addresses from our super responsive mailing list, complete with instructions on how to make over $1 million dollars in no time!
(It is understood that your 1 time total payment of $250.00 is for the purchase of this valuable 100 name hotline mailing list on peel & stick labels.)

*In short- we send you everything you need to make this program work for you!! Nothing is left to chance!! We want you to succeed so we can succeed!

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1. Fill out the member's application and product order forms (make sure to print clearly.)

2.  Purchase five $50 money orders. (remember to only purchase M.O.'s or cashier's checks from your bank).

  3.  Fill out one $50 money order to R.D.S. for this exciting unique wealth building program and fill out the 4 $50 money orders to the people listed on this site.

4. Mail the all five money orders and the membership application to: R.D.S., 2423 South Orange Ave #164, Orlando, FL 32806.  Keep in mind the purpose of R.D.S. (or the control center) is to fulfill all orders and ship the $1 Million Dollar System. Upon receipt of your money orders, the control center will mail you an original copy of the power packed AMAZING cash generating flyer with your name listed in the fourth spot within 48 hrs. (We can also build you your own personal website just like this one for only $99!
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* What's Next? *

When you receive your power packed $1 Million Dollar cash generating system, place your order for the website so you can start promoting immediately online or remove the camera-ready master copy, make as many copies as you like and begin to mail immediately. Our start up package has plenty of promotional tips, including more than 6 chock full pages of information on how & where to advertise for pennies on the dollar. Now all you have to do is wait for the money to start rolling in!! Remember this also... The more u promote, the more u make!!

Your total cost to join our program is only a one time fee of $250 - that's it!!

There are many ways to promote this amazing money making opportunity, but we found these two ways to be the most prosperous. After you become a member:

1) Direct people to your personal money making website (
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2) Simply mail the camera ready 1 page flyer we will provide to you with your name custom printed on it in the startup kit.

That's all you have to do to make One Million Dollars!!!!

It’s simple and takes a very small amount of money, not thousands of dollars. And it will pay you before the other letters even begin to trickle in!!!

This program creates tremendous profits for all participants. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions, and in no time, you could be receiving $1 Million Dollars because most people are responding due to the SPEED, HIGH PROFIT POTENTIAL, AND A TRUE MONITOR WITH INTEGRITY! (He gives his personal phone # so you speak with him if you have any questions . . . WOW!!) We are now having an incredible RESPONSE RATE!! So let’s all help keep it going by helping another person a little.















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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The Million Dollar Program

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